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what is it?

The Zum coder is a system for generating code based on the technique of development-oriented models (MDA - Driving Modeling Architecture) enabling the automation of tasks such as:
- Scripts for Creating Tables
- Mapping of Objects;
- Creating Forms;
- Store operations procedures for Insert, Select, Update, Delete;
- Forms Validation;
- Among others

Works with
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The Zum coder is able to secure recognition schemas of databases such as SQLServer, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and models such as XSD, XML, Web forms, DTO classes

With Zum coder you have freedom to create and customize their pr'prios code templates Thereby generating for you and your company a vast collection of codes and systems ready for use In which either place, just by one internet connection.

The generated code can be exported via email, or download via FTP configured on the system itself

Save time on software development, using standardized encoding, which significantly increases the development time and maintenance of your applications


Automatic code generation via email, download or FTP
Template customization
Programming models based on
Accesses SQL databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL


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